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      Have you ever dreamt of flying, or of floating weightlessly in the water like a fish? Learning to scuba dive will let you feel just that, as well as many other new impressions. You will experience the rich marine life of the Red Sea right from the very start of this course.
You will profit from our well equipped classrooms and from our house reef. The Course comprises - among others - 2 dives at the buoyancy-park and at our house reef, as well as 2 dives off a boat. You will be accompanied by professional scuba diving instructors for the duration of the course (4 - 5 days), who all meet our high standard of professionalism.

The Red Sea has long-been the natural choice to extend your diving capabilities and enjoy a new approach - from awesome wrecks to incredible deep walls. Our Team is forever searching for new, unexplored dive sites to keep the excitement of diving at a high.

We offers a full range of tech diving courses. From Nitrox courses allowing you to extend your bottom time (you breath less nitrogen, are therefore less likely to suffer from decompression sickness and also less likely to suffer nitrogen narcosis - an additional benefit is that you will feel less tired at the end of the diving day) to the PADI Drager Dolphin Rebreather Course - a ‘must’ for all budding photographers looking to experience marine life with as little disruption as possible.

Confined - water training takes place in our training pool and from our beach. Academic training is conducted in our air-conditioned classrooms equipped with video, slide projectors and computer lesson guides. The school has it's own dedicated scuba equipment as well as all necessary support materials. We teach in English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian and Arabic.

You may start an Advanced Course right after completion of the Open Water Course, or during your next diving holiday which you are planning with us, and thus widen your skills.
Your diving instructor will guide you surely through the five specialties of the Advanced Divers‘ program, including navigation with different aids, buoyancy to perfection, night dives, diving in currents, fish identification, searching and recovery. These are the main topics that we teach in our Advanced Courses.The navigation dive is always held at our house reef, which is ideally suited for this purpose. The other dives are generally done off a boat/jeep if possible. For the duration of the Advanced Course we lend you a diving computer free of charge.

The course for Divemasters offers the ideal training. The course, lasting three weeks, will teach you all necessary knowledge and skills, which you need in the professional world. Our diving school offers you an individual and tailor-made solution. Maybe you would like to divide the course into two sections, or you would like to take a little longer about it. This course may also be combined with the program of Assistant Instructor, which will enable you to use your growing skills while training at our dive center in many different situations for one month.
After this extensive training at a professional level you will be ready for the course of Instructor.

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